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Welcome our Electronic Application and Onboarding System site!  Your potential employer has partnered with RealTime, for this Electronic Application and Onboarding System.

Through this web site, you may complete your Application For Employment, have it reviewed, and then potentially proceed to complete the new hire paperwork.  If you have already registered on this site, and you have a username/email address and password set up, then please log in utilizing the "Sign In" space to the right.  If you have not yet registered, then please register your username/email address and password, utilizing the "Sign Up" button to the right.

Once you log in, please select the appropriate "Program", by clicking the blue "View Programs" button.  Here is the list of Programs, so that you can choose the correct Program for yourself:

1.  NurseStaffing - External - This is the Program for applicants for temporary medical staffing jobs, with NurseStaffing, or Crdentia.

2.  NurseStaffing - Internal - This is the Program for applicants for branch office jobs, with NurseStaffing, or Crdentia.

3.  RealTime Services - Internal - This is the Program for applicants for jobs in the RealTime Services Home Office.

Once you select the Program that is applicable to you, please click the blue "Create Application" button.  Then, click "View my list" and work your way through the list of "Tasks", until you are able to click the blue "Submit" button on the page that lists the "Tasks".

Thank you for your interest in employment.  We look forward to receiving your Application!

If you have any questions, please see our FAQ page.